About Us

Chem-Tex Corporation – is established in 1999 in Canada, proudly representing its parent company Shuang-Bang Industrial Corp (Taiwan) that was founded in 1989, serving worldwide customers with passion, commitment and trust. 

The company is recognized for its passion in achieving excellencies, commitment to safety, healthy and clean environment, and to developing mutual trust with clients and alliance.  We serve our clients with advanced technologies at producing fine chemicals, synthetic resins, fabric bonding and building materials for the markets worldwide, and with our innovative minds and sincere services. 

Chem-Tex carries an unique portfolio of chemical products include:

MOCA – 4.4 methylene-bis-(2 chloroaniline): MOCA = MOBCA, for curing various kind of resins that include TDI base polyurethane and certain kind of Polyester polyol; 

MDA – Methylene Dianiline:  MDA is epoxy resins curing agent, that creates materials capable for taking high bonding, abrasion, corrosion and pressure such as pipeline coating for petroleum

industry, paints for aerospace exploration, tough floor coating, etc.;

Polyurethane production is one of the best strength of Shuang-Bang.  the products are very useful for various industries such as: bushings, rollers, pads and mats, polypigs for pipeline pigging, sealants, durable elastomeric tires and wheels, high performance adhesive, etc;

Polyester polyols  one of the most useful materials applied from apparel industry to high-tech industries;  e.g. it creates rigid and high resilient foams for building materials and furniture industries; synthetic leather for fashions;  glue or bonding materials for wide range of industrial applications;

Photoinitiators – UV curing materials instantly cure 

occurrence when the items pass through an UV machine, e.g. photoinitiators enable IC boards, hardwood clear coating, UV inks and glossy printing on papers, plastic items or cans get instantly dried up.

LCV – for Dry Film application, the primary function is to transfer images onto a copper sheet for creating a circuit board; it is also applied widely in medical and crime prevention fields;

UV – Absorbers – is to enhance UV reaction; 

Heat Stabilizers – is to increase the heat bearing ability of an item, especially thermalplastic items, do not degraded from picking up heat;